Playing video games when you’re not good at games 

If you’re not good at video games, or just don’t play often but want too, welcome to the club. I’ve never been awesome at games. But I want to be. It was my brothers domain and one I found pretty annoying. This part of me wanted to play – and sometimes did – but mostly found it annoying when my baby brother was “hogging” the TV. Well, I was a child… RPG and first person shooter games are rad. I love them. They’ve got way more complex stories than they’re given credit for (apparently if I play my brain will melt cause I can’t possibly engage in the story? Sounds like boloney to me. They’re awesome I’m a big fan of the fantasy typed games. If it is like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Assassins Creed, Skyrim. That said, I suck at them. For a long time, I made my Halo tactic to spin in circles and shoot my gun until I hit something. #Tactics! I am not alone. Let’s talk about how to fix it.

1. Look up what to do on the internet. 

For me, this usually means looking up how to get past the first level/scene/objective — and maybe the second or third ones. Many games try to give some kind of direction, but often times it assumes your as established gamer who can pick up and play with the bare minimum. The biggest reason I have stopped playing a game right away is because I didn’t know what to do. Where do I go? Do I have to kill something? Do I have to find something? I have wasted so much time stumbling around a game, dying lots, and having no idea what to do or what direction to go. Googling it is your best friend. You’ll figure out the controls and objectives from there.

2. Find out where the manual save button is. 

Games usually save automatically here and there but that’s only helpful when you’re character will not die like at the rate of fruit flies when you’re starting out and don’t know what you’re doing, especially if your character is not in a combat-typed situation. It can be annoying dying all the time, especially if you have to back track and get past challenges you already passed again. Figure out how to save, and save pretty much every time you get passed an objective without dying.

3. Spend time on exploring and side quests. 

Admittedly, not all games have a lot of options for side quests. Some are wide open, like Skyrim, and some are more linear, a Harry Potter-movie tie in game that I played a few years ago comes to mind. As much as possible, it can be fun to go off on side quests.

4. Learn about the video games online – I like the sociological aspects.

Ok, for some people forums are the place they want to go to connect with other games, which I think is awesome. Personally, my thing is learning about the reception of the game, why the game was developed the way it was (e.g. the history, the story, etc), and about how people engage in games. It’s pretty interesting – I am the kind of person who’s future masters degrees will probably look into why people engage in pop culture the way that they do. Sometimes the game isn’t enough if you’re not a big gamer like myself and investing in why people care about what they do makes the experience better.


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